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Pre-Christmas get Together "Turning the New Year Dreams into 2024 Reality"

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

As the new year approaches, it's that time when we eagerly set our goals and make grand plans for our careers, family, and hobbies. However, as the year progresses, many of these aspirations often remain confined to the pages of our notebooks.

In my quest to empower women to succeed in every aspect of their lives, I cordially invite you to a dynamic 3-hour workshop, "Dreams Come True," where we'll help you turn your New Year resolutions into 2024 reality. Join us on December 13 at the breath-taking Sky Plaza Frankfurt, starting at 17:00.

During this transformative event, we'll not only create those inspiring plans together but also equip you with invaluable tools from my coaching arsenal, including the "Cake of Happiness," a personal tool tailored for women seeking work-life balance. These tools will help you not only visualize your dreams but also provide you with practical solutions to turn them into reality.

Additionally, we'll work together to identify what held you back in pursuing your plans in 2023, so you become more aware in 2024. Those thoughts acre called “limiting beliefs” – we discuss how to recognise them and turn to your strongest points.

Don't let your dreams stay on paper or in head. Join us, and let's make 2024 the year when your plans truly come to life. My aim is to help you gain long lasting, positive change – much more than a temporary high.

Price: 55 Euro including materials, soft drinks and Christmas cake! Only on booking, 10 places available

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