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Your benefits when working with me:

  • Global Insight: A worldwide perspective for international career and business development.

  • Practicality: Actionable, feasible, and implementable steps and strategies for tangible progress in international career and business development.

  • Resilience: Expertise in adapting to change with resilience.

  • Mentoring Success: Proven guidance for women seeking success globally.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Multilingual and multicultural support, especially beneficial for female migrants.

  • Economic Empowerment: A testament to the possibilities the EU offers, ready to guide others on the same path.

Oxana Abovskaya (MBA, PFM)

Pax Vitae Orbis Coaching & Consulting 

Сoaching & Mentoring
Global Health / Sustainable HealthFinancing 
Private Sector Engagement and Partnerships

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My Journey: From Eastern Europe to Global Career

Born in Ukraine and raised in Moldova, I weathered the tumultuous aftermath of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, where dreams vanished overnight and career paths became obsolete. In 1999, I embarked on a new adventure in Germany, immersing myself in its traditions, language, and culture.


For over two decades, I excelled at EPOS Health Management, a German-based boutique health management consultancy company, where I spearheaded health sector reform initiatives across 15 countries on four continents. Serving as a programme manager, I had the honor of advising health and social reform initiatives for esteemed leaders, including Ministers of Health and Chief Executives in Moldova, Ukraine, Vietnam, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, and Belize, to name but a few. Organizations like KfW, EU, GIZ, World Bank, World Health Organization, Asian Development Bank are not just over there in the sky – we worked together hand in hand to achieve positive change for every citizen around the globe. 

As my career evolved, so did the landscape, leading me through the challenges of adapting to new realities when the company I cherished went itself through drastic changes. That is when I decided to search for a coach. One coach told me she does not work with clients who earn beyond six figures, the other said she will have a conflict of interest if she supports me.

And then I thought, there must be many ordinary but brilliant and educated women, who are in the same situation as I am and at a professional and personal crossroad. Eight months later I became a certified coach and mentor and opened my practice for women with brilliant education and career, but facing challenges or doubts in their professional life or wishing to expand.


Today, while I still continue to offer my expertise in social sustainable development, my primary focus is on mentoring and coaching women, especially those with academic backgrounds and 15+ years of experience, as they chart their paths in the global arena and navigate diverse cultural and professional environments. Close to my heart is offering support to migrant women who face tremendous challenges fleeing their home countries and trying to establish their career in new environments. 

Since 2021 I work as independent consultant and coach.
Pax Vitae Orbis Coaching & Consulting is the commercial name I have chosen for my own business. It is Latin name to Sustainable and Peaceful World - the values that are important for me and I share with my clients, either in consulting or coaching

Academic Background


05/2008 – 12/2009

03/2002 – 12/2004

09/1986 – 07/1991

Kingstown College, Ireland

Professional Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring (IFC certified)

Open University Business School, London, UK, MBA

State Pedagogical Institute, Mykolayv, Ukraine 

Diploma in History, Political and Social Sciences, English Language – Teacher

working expirience

Working Experience

Since 01/2023

The Global Fund

Technical Review Panel

Serving  Member

Serving Member of the Technical Review Panel, Health Financing and Sustainability Expert review of the funding requests as for value-for money, including in terms of sustainability, efficiency and equity, and providing broader advice on these matters through Lessons Learned and Working Groups on the new TRP review approaches and focused portfolios in the context of the transition to the Global Fund Strategy (2023-2028); served as primary and secondary reviewer;


11/2021 – 05/2022

GIZ Primary Health Care Project 

Advisor (seconded)

  • Advised the MoH and local authorities in Chuy oblast in the development and launching of the PHC model in line with the national sector strategy and the 2030 Agenda 

  • Conducted:  Social sector analysis with focus on social services for vulnerable women 

  • Provided recommendations to improve access to guaranteed package of services at PHC; 

  • Analysed health insurance package for pregnant women and enrollment in MHIF and recommended quick fixes enabling enrollment of the pregnant women within 2 days in the scheme (against 4 -6 weeks)

  • Provided technical expertise and inputs on the person centred integrated care model at PHC (multi-sectoral approach)


02/2021 -10/2021

IFC Phase I Feasibility Study for launching PPP Radiotherapy Centers

Deputy Team Leader

  • Conducted demand assessment and financial forecast projections for launching radiotherapy centers based on PPP principles. 

  • Defined the scope and size of the future regional centers: providing advice and accompanying the Government in setting up new facilities and services (size, type of services; personnel schedule, CAPEX/OPEX forecasts, sources of public and private financing, basic benefit package recommendations); 

  • Analyzed budget process and payment opportunities within the existing Budget Law. 

  • Managed team of 5 local experts, including quality assurance of the expert reports, liaised and coordinated exchanges with local authorities, multi-stakeholders coordination;  budget planning, monitoring and reporting; 

euro flag.jpg

11/2020 – 06/2021
Council of Europe Bank Technical Appraisal and Monitoring of Operations of the Loans

Operations Director

  • Particular focus was on evaluation of the efficiency and transparency of the procurement by the borrowers, strategic allocation of resources and efficient use of resources for services delivery to combat COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Contact point for the Senior Bank Officials in organizing the appraisal missions, quality assurance of the expert reports and feedback to the borrowers 

  • Managed  and quality assurance: the team of 10 senior evaluators (remote management and communication), edited and  finalized monitoring reports based on the Bank’s requirements and guidelines; 

  • Expert contribution: PFM principles, evaluation of the domestic resource allocation to pandemic preparedness, allocative efficiency and transparency of the procurement in CEB member states.  (Hungary, Spain, Germany, Cyprus,  Czech Republic, Slovak Republic  )


04 – 11/2020
DEG/KfW Framework Contract to support to private sector to overcome burden caused by COVID-19 pandemic 

Operations Director

  • Managed the team of 4 internal and 4 external advisors: Quality assurance of the expert reports, liaised and coordinated exchanges with local authorities, borrowers and implementing partners; budget planning, monitoring and reporting

  • Established the overarching strategy to engage with the private clients and supported set up procedures to allow efficient health alert and integrated response systems to secure business continuity; 

  • As a business continuity expert conducted detailed pandemic related business risks assessments to assure debt recovery,  recommended innovative policies to ensure workers wellbeing and business continuity for borrowers in India, Costa Rica, Mexico, Georgia, Senegal and Kenia. 


01/2020 – 11/2020
ADB Design of the loan agreement on integrated perinatal services and financial management of the project 

Project Director

  • Responsible for commissioning and monitoring the performance of 4 international and 12 local consultants (review the technical, economic and financial viability of the project and ascertain the project rationale, budget allocations for health services, purchasing efficiency, scope, cost, schedule, implementation arrangements, risks and mitigation measures);


01/2020 – 11/2021
EU Upgrade of the Belize Health Information Management System 

Project Manager

  • Management  of the team 5 international and 3 local staff members 

  • QA of the deliverables: Note on CDEP Supply Technical Specifications  + own expert contribution to the parts: Training Approach; Privacy of Data; procurement guidelines;

  • Quality assurance of the expert reports, liaised and coordinated exchanges with local authorities, multi-stakeholders coordination; 

  • Budget planning, monitoring and reporting; identification of the risks in implementation, risk mitigation measures, point of contact for MoH and EUD


09/2018 – 11/2021
EU Third Party Monitoring for EU Trust Fund MADAD Health Projects in Lebanon and Regional Projects  

Project Manager

  • Upon the request of the EU, responsible for supervision of the team of 3 experts in performing monthly monitoring of the EU contracts with WHO, UNICEF, Red Cross in Lebanon: development of monitoring schedule, 

  • QA of the monitoring reports (access to basic services for refugees, pandemic preparedness and response,  allocative efficiency, transparency in the use of the resources by the contractors,  payment for performance for SHC facilities providing services to refugees; social services); communication with EU and Country Steering committee. 

  • Management site visits, negotiation and coordination with the EU contractors, quality assurance of the expert reports, liaised and coordinated exchanges with the government officials, multi-stakeholders coordination; budget planning, monitoring  of the expert assignments and reporting.


01/2015 - 04/2018
EU Technical Assistance: European Union Health Facility  

Senior Key Expert / Facility Coordinator


Later Programme Manager in HQ 

Technical Responsibilities: 

  • Liaison and the member of high level policy dialogue team for EU Delegation,  MoH, MoF and MoE for implementation of the SRC (the largest EU budget support in Asia, 100 million Euro); 

  • Practical support to MoF in definition of the result oriented budgetary allocating norms for health sector  in Vietnam to increase transparency and accountability for the allocated funds  and meet the objectives of the SRC; 

  • Developed the Guidelines for the provinces for application for funding out of the EU-HSPSP-2 budget support 

  • Introduced the understanding of the PPP in health system in Vietnam (leading the team of 5 experts) – collaboration and coordination with MPI PPP Unit + 2 case studies; 

  • Recommendations for introduction of the capitation based payment for PHC providers (financial stimulation, formula, phases for introduction, contracting mechanisms; 

  • Led the team and activities to curb sex ratio at birth in favor of males at community level; 

  • Supported the MOH technical working group in conducting the health sector review for 2015, 2016 and 2017; 

  • In charge of the development and implementation of the EU communication strategy in health sector. 

Administrative responsibilities: Planning, management and reporting on EU budget under the contract  (9.2 million, including 1.7 million Euro incidental budget); selection of the experts and expert teams, quality assurance of their outputs (6000 expert days, different categories); 


05/2012 – 12/2012
KfW Introduction of the PPP in health sector in Kyrgyz Republic 

Team Leader 

  • Main outputs and results: assessment of public procurement policies, assessment of the efficiency of the allocations for reimbursement of the certain services in health sector; a long list of individual PPP projects and a brief analysis of the preliminary draft "short list", including pre-feasibility study of 4 projects (diagnostics, laboratory, catering, multi-profile hospital and dialysis); launch of the 1st PPP Project in Dialysis in KG allowing enrollment of the 130 patients in the first stage with later up to 200 patients (this included demand analysis, financial appraisal, debt recovery modeling (conservative), negotiations with the private service providers, assistance in development of the tender dossier and contract negotiations with the selected provider);  recommendations on necessary changes in the legal framework for the implementation of PPPs (including a list of laws  and practices that need to be amended); Organization of two workshops for representatives of the Ministry of Health and medical institutions on the PPP in health sector


01/2012 – 06/2013
EU DG Sanco “Health and Economic Analysis for an Evaluation of the PPP in Health Care Delivery across EU”

Senior Key PFM Expert / Project Manager 

  • Direct contact for MoH and MoF in Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Romania and Germany for conducting the study

  • Case studies of 14 individual PPP/PFI projects in the health sector, including hospitals with and without clinical services and other health facilities and services (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania, UK and Finland);

  • An analysis of the overall trends in PPP/PFI procurement in the health sector across the EU since 1990, identifying the current challenges, especially in the context of the debt crisis in some of the countries. 

  • Macro (fiscal) impacts of health PPPs on the national health systems and on Government deficits and debt from the perspective of the Eurostat national accounting norms (including a sovereign rating perspective).

  • Quality assurance of the expert reports, budget planning, monitoring and reporting to DG Sanco


05/2011 – 09/2011
EU ENPI Support to Social Sector Budget Support

 Team Leader

  • Oversight and management of the team of 6 local and 2 international experts 

  • Supported MoF and MoSP to conduct expenditure verification of the social support programmes for beneficiaries of the social benefits (re: strategic resource allocation, transparency, allocative efficiency); 

  • Provided recommendations for improved public finance management and participatory decision-making within all three levels of government – national, provincial and local – with a particular focus on the local government level (allocative efficiency, policy based planning);  (including financial), project closure


07/2007 - 01/2010

EU Reform of the Secondary Health Care

Senior Expert and since 09/2008 

Team Leader

  • Developed concept of the health care reform in Ukraine and implementation plan – which was approved by the Parliament and Government in 2013; 

  • Developed the proposals for optimisation (strategic development) of the decentralised structures and services involving local authorities and concepts for improvement of the health services delivery in selected pilot regions (based on the detailed needs assessment, population surveys, services mapping and level of services); 

  • Evaluated public finance management mechanisms in view of fiscal decentralisation and devolved functions for provision of the health and social services (incl financial modelling / stimulation) and recommendations for sub-national level; 

  • Evaluated the heath financing mechanisms including budget allocations, distribution of budget allocation for health services, capacities of the local authorities to manage budgetary transfers from central treasury and afterwards led the team of financial advisors to develop policy based budgeting and public funds allocation in re-design of the service delivery

  • Provided personally more than 200 training hours for local and national authorities on necessary policy changes, health care organization, piloting new models, referrals and financing options; 

  • Initiated first ever public consultation mechanisms in pilot regions to obtain support of the general public and patient organizations to the proposed reforms; 

  • Led the team of 35 international and 40 local long-term experts and incidental budget 1 mln Euro: solely responsible for planning the staff engagement, budget planning and monitoring; management and facilitation of high level dialogue at country level; 


06/2005 -12/2007EU TACIS: Public Health Reform Project

Senior Expert / Acting Team Leader / Project Director 

  • Evaluation of financing of the health and social services based on the needs of population in the RM and development strategic purchasing of the health 

  • Led the development of the model for PHC at rayon level and led the process of building consensus on the country-wide use of the proposed model on performance based financing of the PHC doctors (still in use); 

  • Developed the communication strategy on changes in health system, and design of the supporting printed and audio-visual materials; 

  • Selection and management of the expert team; start-up of the project, negotiations with the counterpart

  • Planning of the project activities

  • Financial and administrative monitoring of the project 


EU PHARE Restructuring of the Romanian Network of HIV/AIDS Regional  

Project Director / Senior Expert 

  • Selection and management of the 10 local and international experts;  start-up of the project, negotiations with the counterpart

  • Planning of the project activities 

  • Financial and administrative monitoring of the project

  • Distribution of the project results and organisation of the final project conference

  • Quality assurance of the project reports

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