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International Professionals in German Companies 2024: Crafting Success!

As the Managing Director or HR manager of a small or medium-sized enterprise, you're well aware of the challenges at the German labor market. In your company, international professionals are not an exception but a vital part of everyday operations.

However, integrating international professionals poses still significant challenges. Language and cultural barriers, distinct work methodologies, and varied expectations – all hinder collaboration, leading to frustration and loss of motivation. Particularly, small and medium-sized enterprises lacking sophisticated and expensive HR policies are affected by these issues.

Seize the opportunity, as a CEO, to transform your international professionals into a strategic asset for your company. This not only enhances your market competitiveness but also allows you to switch your attention, time and resources towards driving your core business.

🌟 What do I offer?

A four-hour coaching workshop for international staff that fosters and strengthens intercultural collaboration in your company. This enhances the workplace atmosphere, promotes understanding of work dynamics, and facilitates communication among employees from different cultures.

💬 Process:

• Preliminary discussion with the CEO/HR manager regarding the strategic orientation of international personnel, Duration: 45 minutes.

• Workshop for up to twelve international employees in English with German examples (cross-functional, e.g., intercultura

l differences in decision-making, feedback requirements, showing initiative, professional development, expectations, time management, resilience, and VUCA).

• Feedback session post-workshop with the CEO/HR manager (up to 2 hours) or a summary with recommendations.

Drawing upon my over 20 years practical project management experience at executive level, I've successfully managed and led international teams in 17 countries across four continents. Different professionals, different cultures, different seniority level and triggers for motivation.

💰 Price : 1.500 Euros + VAT, you will receive this package.

📅 Register your interest still by the end of November for a session in December and/or January!

Let's collaboratively shape success in 2024!

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