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Coaching, mentoring, training, counselling etc – what do I need as a client?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Welcome to my Blog page!

As first step, I would like to explain the differences between often used buzz words:

Sometimes this terminology can be confusing, especially if you are not coming from psychology brunch or you are in contact with the professional, who is both counsellor and coach.

Coaching is a learning journey where the coach supports you and sometimes provoke your thoughts and knowledge to achieve your goal and discover a better and more powerful version of self, either in a life situation or in career planning – it is entirely forward-looking process. Coaching is about helping the client set and achieve the goals through self-discovery and personal growth.

Though there is a lot of overlapping moments, mentoring is more of personal development where the mentor shares certain experiences, knowledge and skills to advance your professional and personal development and where you ask for a specific advice on possible options to advance your professional development It is important that your mentor does not see the Client as a rival, otherwise Mentor will never provide full set of information.

Counselling is more of therapeutic nature, it is more backward looking and more of clinical nature, trying to fix the problems occurred in the past. Counselling is focused on addressing emotional and mental health issues, aiming to heal and resolve psychological challenges.

Consulting involves expert or specialist advice, recommendations, and solutions in a specific field or domain. Consultants offer their expertise and knowledge to help clients solve problems, make informed decisions, and improve their processes or systems. Consultant provide actionable insights, strategies, and often take a hands-on approach to implementing solutions. Consulting is commonly used in business, management, marketing, and technology to address specific challenges or opportunities.

Training is an instructional process focused on imparting knowledge and building specific skills. Trainers design and deliver structured learning programs to help individuals or groups acquire new competencies or enhance existing ones. Training is typically didactic, formal and outcome-oriented, with the trainer leading the learning process. It is often used in in specific skill-building, and education settings and you as a trainee have to follow formal process to get certification.

Sometimes Coaching and Mentoring can be combined – if we explore different options or actions with you as my client and I notice that you got stuck or run out of options I may offer you mentoring support. Professional Coach will always ask you if you would like to have an advice and never imposes it on you. And that is where my management and practical global experience is coming in for your benefit – because I encountered the wealth of situations across the globe and handled them with success in most cases. It is still up to you to take my advice or leave it out.

So, whether you're seeking personal growth, mental well-being, expert advice, or skill enhancement, now you know where to turn. The key is to understand your unique needs and choose the right path toward your goals. Remember, it's your journey, and you have the power to decide which path to take. Your success story begins with the right choice.

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